Born 1979 in Neuenbuerg/Germany, Ullrich studied Engineering (M.University London). His work encompasses computer graphics, the incorporation of body movement by motion-capture, computational design, user interfaces, and software engineering. As an active composer and media artist his work has special focus on sound art and real time interactive graphics.

During more then 10 years he worked as responsible project manager with mayor media outlets and cultural institutions around the globe. A/V installation projects have been developed in cooperation with companies such as Sony, Porsche, Random House, Electronic Arts or Theaters in Europe. His goal is to provide customized software solutions for a large array of clients to meet their needs for mayor and minor media projects.

Short summary

– Software engineer: C/C++, Java, Javascript, Lua. (GRID – Performer project – Audio sequencer
beta release mid. 2017)

– Audiovisual performer (Smart Project Space Amsterdam, Berghain Berlin, CCH Hamburg Messe, Simultan Festival – Timisoara RO, Transy U Digital Art Festival | Kentucky USA a.o.)

– Digital artist and interaction designer/programmer of media artworks: (Sony UK Center with Phil Clandillon- Ontaro Collage of Art & Design, Freies Museum Berlin, Frankfurter Theater)

– Composer/programmer/performer for contemporary dance/theater (Digitale Menschheit- Freies Museum Berlin, “Visitt” Theater Oslo, Theater Dortmund – Hamlet)

– Animation/projection designer ( Randomhouse Audio, Lübbe Audio)

– Programmer, workshop leader, lecturer on music and media technology (Auditorium Adan Martin Electroacustic festival – Instituto Cervantes Berlin – Chaos Computer Congress – CCH Hamburg Messe)

– Technical lead/developer: MaxMSP, Java, C++ (Sound matrix | Ontaro Collage of Art & Design | TorontoPorsche Soundlab installation New York-London-Hong Kong, Talay Railey Robot for Sony UK)

– Developer MaxMSP, C/C++, audio processing and analysis (Coloredo Software, Sony UK, Theater Dortmund, Theater Frankfurt, FFT tools for Joachim Zoepf)

– Realtime AV designer/programmer (Hamlet – Theater Dortmund – Fraunhofer Institute – Transy U Digital Art Festival-Simultan Festival – Vladislav delay | AGF CGL – Custom Granular Live Tool)