Lars Ullrich is a German media artist who is working with numerous media partners and cultural institutions on a national and international level. His work practices include amongst others computer graphics, software engineering as well as computational design.

In his minimalist, abstract imagery, Ullrich attempts an amalgam of technological-scientific innovation with artistic work and practice, thus transcending it into new spaces.

In doing so, his works are characterized by a tight integration of auditory and visual ranges of experience: specifically produced audio design and sound art accentuate visual processes and video signals on the one hand; on the other hand specifically conceived and programmed real-time interactive graphics to visualize the dynamics and structures of music, language and sound. By that, it becomes a visible, synaesthetic experience.

Also, a strong emphasis lies on the interface between man and machine: by programming user interfaces, capturing moving bodies via Motion Capture or Motion Tracking, or by scanning human participants with 3D scan technology, a new form of aesthetics is created: digital software and analogue hardware begin to interact and by that, locate the analogue, physical human being in new, trans- or rather post-human contexts.

Installations by Lars Ullrich were realized at the Chaos Communication Congress (Hamburg, Germany), at the Freies Museum Berlin, the Cervantes Institute Berlin as well as in the Sony Center London. For Porsche, he produced installations in Shanghai, Moscow and New York. Audiovisual works and performances by and with Lars Ullrich were presented inter alia at the media art festivals like Simultan (Timisoara, Rumania) as well as the TransU Digital Art Festival (Kentucky, USA) or the Tokio-Berlin Festival (Berghain-Berlin). He has performed together with electronic music artists like Frank Bretschneider, ScannerĀ (Smart project space Amsterdam) and Kyoka in the Berghain club (Berlin). For musicians like AGF or Vladislav Delay, he has produced audio reactive performance visuals.

Lars Ullrich also works with theaters and opera houses in Europe, amongst others in Oslo, Frankfurt, Dortmund and Strasbourg.