Ullrich | German media artist and software developer who is working with numerous media partners and cultural institutions on a national and international level. His work practices include amongst others computer graphics, software engineering as well as computational design.

In his minimalist, abstract imagery, Ullrich attempts an amalgam of technological-scientific innovation with artistic work and practice, thus transcending it into new spaces.

In doing so, his works are characterized by a tight integration of auditory and visual ranges of experience: specifically produced audio design and sound art accentuate visual processes and video signals on the one hand; on the other hand specifically conceived and programmed real-time interactive graphics visualize the dynamics and structures of music, language and sound. By that, it becomes a visible, synaesthetic experience.

Also, a strong emphasis lies on the interface between man and machine: by programming user interfaces, capturing moving bodies via Motion Capture or Motion Tracking, or by scanning human participants with 3D scan technology, a new form of aesthetics is created: digital software and analogue hardware begin to interact and by that, locate the analogue, physical human being in new, trans- or rather post-human contexts.

Concerts | Installations | Workshops 
04/18 installationEnjoy Complexity - Theater Dortmund
06/17 concertSavoir Vivre I-IV - Heinrich Böll Stiftung - Berlin
02/16 concertSavoir Vivre I-IV - NK, Neuköln
01/15 visualsDigitale Menschheit Freies Museum Berlin
11/15 concertCCC Chaos Computer Club
10/11 screeningTransy U Digital Art Festival | Kentucky USA
11/11 screeningSimultan Festival | Timisoara RO
11/10 screeningSony Center | London
10/10 screeningForm & Zeit | Mojo Club | Gran Canaria
03/10 concertFehlfaktor | Berghain Berlin
09/09 concertFehlfaktor | Smart Project Space | Amsterdam
07/09 InstallationSound matrix | Ontario College of Art & Design | Toronto
07/09 concertForm & Zeit | Cervantes Institute Berlin
12/08 concertBerghain Kille Kill Berlin
11/08 workshopMaxMSP as performance tool | Auditorium Adan Martin Electroacoustic festival Tenerife
11/08 concertAuditorium Adan Martin Electroacoustic festival Tenerife
07/08 concertCanarias Crea | Berghain Kille Kill Club Berlin
05/08 concertFehlfaktor – Berghain Kille Kill Club Berlin
02/08 concertBerghain Kille Kill Club Berlin
Sony UKA twitter controlled Robot Arm installation - Sony Center London
Installation | Cervantes Institute BerlinAudio-Video Installation | Form & Zeit, with Aristides Garcia
AGF | Vladislav DelayCGL - Custom Granular Live Tool (MaxMSP/ Jitter) for live performing
Coloredo SoftwarePolyphonic Pitch tracking tools and OpenGL data representation
Ontario College Art & design4x4 Sound Matrix for live performing (MaxMSP/ Jitter)
Audio release (CD)Krater remix - Klitekture records
Chaos Computer Club Hamburg3d dome mapping
Denis SamperAdvanced Clip viewer system Ableton - m4l
Theater OsloOpenGL system for the dance performance „Visitt“ Choreography : Ingeleiv Berstad | Music/Video: Julian Skar
Frankfurter Theater Nature sound synthesis tools for Theater (Ole Schmidt)
Max MXJ- External releasea Java-based Bezier Curve external for MaxMSP
Online release - Data ScrubDatascrub | Camera tracking tool with sound interaction
Mojo Club | Gran CanariaVideo Installation | Form & Zeit with Aristides Garcia
Selvir ZulikParticle system with audio API (Jitter | Processing)
LaumaJitter developing | Vladislav delay | Antye Greie aka AGF | raster noton 2011
Nalanda LLCJitter video Application for Ballet performance
Surround ToolsMax for live Surround tools 5.1 & 4.1 channels | Sound artist Frank Mueller
AGF | Vladislav delayOpenGL Patch for live performing. Vladislav delay | Raster Noton Tour 2012.
AMP - ampsoundbranding App for the audio brand company AMP - Munich
Hamlet - Theater DortmundVisuals for Hamlet by William Shakespeare with Daniel Hengst | Regie Kay Voges
Genese DadaAudio-tracking Installation with Max Walter and Max Weseman
YESTO - TheaterAnnie Dorson - Algorithmic Composition Performance in Strassbourg
Joachim ZoepfFFT-live performance instruments
YESTO - TheaterAnnie Dorson - Algorithmic Composition Performance in Oslo
Ben RusselJitter developing
Savoir vivre I-IVAudio Performance with ballet at Heinrich Böll Stiftung Berlin
YESTO - TheaterAnnie Dorson - Algorithmic Composition Performance in Arra
Benji Bokoperformance tool
Frank GratowskiLooper tool for live performance
YESTO - TheaterAnnie Dorson - Algorithmic Composition Performance - März Musik Berlin
Grid performervst plugin for live performance (under development)
Einstein on the beach - OperaVideo concepts and art, coding and Interaction design
My lonesome HologramVR Installation with Frank Genot, Nina Weseman and Daniel Hengst
Micropsi IndustriesOpenGL development | 3d Node system and UI design
Micropsi IndustriesMINT UIX app design