Ullrich | German media artist and software developer who is working with numerous media partners and cultural institutions on a national and international level. His work practices include amongst others computer graphics, software engineering as well as computational design.

In his minimalist, abstract imagery, Ullrich attempts an amalgam of technological-scientific innovation with artistic work and practice, thus transcending it into new spaces.

In doing so, his works are characterized by a tight integration of auditory and visual ranges of experience: specifically produced audio design and sound art accentuate visual processes and video signals on the one hand; on the other hand specifically conceived and programmed real-time interactive graphics visualize the dynamics and structures of music, language and sound. By that, it becomes a visible, synaesthetic experience.

Also, a strong emphasis lies on the interface between man and machine: by programming user interfaces, capturing moving bodies via Motion Capture or Motion Tracking, or by scanning human participants with 3D scan technology, a new form of aesthetics is created: digital software and analogue hardware begin to interact and by that, locate the analogue, physical human being in new, trans- or rather post-human contexts.

Concerts | Installations | Workshops 
04/18 installationEnjoy Complexity - Theater Dortmund
06/17 concertSavoir Vivre I-IV - Heinrich Böll Stiftung - Berlin
02/16 concertSavoir Vivre I-IV - NK, Neuköln
01/15 visuals performanceDigital Humans - Freies Museum Berlin
11/15 audio visual concert / mappingCCC Chaos Computer Club - Kongress Hamburg
10/11 screening / installationTransy U Digital Art Festival | Kentucky USA
11/11 screening / installationSimultan Festival | Timisoara RO
11/10 installationSony Center | London
10/10 screening / installationForm & Zeit | Mojo Club | Gran Canaria
03/10 concertFehlfaktor | Berghain Berlin (Toky/Berlin artist meeting, Fehlfaktor, Klitekture Records, Frank Bretschneider, Kyoka Raster Noton)
09/09 concertFehlfaktor | Smart Project Space | Amsterdam (Fehlfaktor, Klitekture Records - Scanner, Raster Noton)
07/09 InstallationSound matrix | Ontario College of Art & Design | Toronto
07/09 concertForm & Zeit | Cervantes Institute Berlin
12/08 concertBerghain Kille Kill Berlin - Canarias Crea festival
11/08 workshopMaxMSP/Jitter | Auditorium Adan Martin Electroacoustic festival Tenerife
11/08 concertAuditorium Adan Martin Electroacoustic festival Tenerife
07/08 concertCanarias Crea | Berghain Kille Kill Club Berlin
05/08 concertFehlfaktor – Berghain Kille Kill Club Berlin
02/08 concertBerghain Kille Kill Club Berlin
work samplesdescription
Sony UKA twitter controlled Robot Arm installation - Sony Center London
Installation | Cervantes Institute BerlinAudio-Video Installation | Form & Zeit, with Aristides Garcia
AGF | Vladislav DelayCGL - Custom Granular Live Tool (MaxMSP/ Jitter) for live performing
Coloredo SoftwarePolyphonic Pitch tracking tools and OpenGL data representation
Ontario College Art & design4x4 Sound Matrix for live performing (MaxMSP/ Jitter)
Audio release (CD)Krater remix - Klitekture records
Chaos Computer Club HamburgDome mapping
Denis SamperAdvanced Clip viewer system Ableton - m4l
Theater OsloOpenGL system for the dance performance „Visitt“ Choreography : Ingeleiv Berstad | Music/Video: Julian Skar
Frankfurter Theater Nature sound synthesis tools for Theater (Ole Schmidt)
Max MXJ- External releasea Java-based Bezier Curve external for MaxMSP
Online release - Data ScrubDatascrub | Camera tracking tool with sound interaction
Mojo Club | Gran CanariaVideo Installation | Form & Zeit with Aristides Garcia
Selvir ZulikParticle system with audio API (Jitter | Processing)
LaumaJitter developing | Vladislav delay | Antye Greie aka AGF | raster noton 2011
Nalanda LLCJitter video Application for Ballet performance
Surround ToolsMax for live Surround tools 5.1 & 4.1 channels | Sound artist Frank Mueller
AGF | Vladislav delayOpenGL Patch for live performing. Vladislav delay | Raster Noton Tour 2012.
AMP - ampsoundbranding App for the audio brand company AMP - Munich
Hamlet - Theater DortmundVisuals for Hamlet by William Shakespeare with Daniel Hengst | Regie Kay Voges
Genese DadaAudio-tracking Installation with Max Walter and Max Weseman
YESTO - TheaterAnnie Dorson - Algorithmic Composition Performance in Strassbourg
Joachim ZoepfFFT-live performance instruments
YESTO - TheaterAnnie Dorson - Algorithmic Composition Performance in Oslo
Ben RusselJitter developing
Savoir vivre I-IVAudio Performance with ballet at Heinrich Böll Stiftung Berlin
YESTO - TheaterVideo Director for Annie Dorson's yesterday-tomorrow musical/theater piece - Algorithmic Composition Performance in Arras, Strassbourg Theater
Benji BokoMaxMSP based Performance tool
Frank GratowskiLooper tool for live performance
YESTO - TheaterVideo Director for Annie Dorson's yesterday-tomorrow musical/theater piece. Algorithmic Composition Performance - März Musik Berlin
Grid performerVST DSP plugin for live performance. (not released yet)
Einstein on the beach - Opera by Phillip Glass and Robert WilsonVideo Director, Video concepts and art, coding and Interaction design
My lonesome HologramVR Installation with Frank Genot, Nina Weseman and Daniel Hengst
DOK Festival Leipzig
Micropsi IndustriesOpenGL development | 3d Node system and UI design
Micropsi IndustriesMINT UIX app design
Pranke3d Animation (music video)